We are a specialist and dedicated venues division of an award winning live events and communications agency, Top Banana.

Top Banana Venues connect venue sourcing to the bigger picture working as an integrated team to get people on the same page at events that connect the head and the heart. We see more than a space, we see a strategy. It’s not just about venue logistics, it’s about communicating. Because we’re part of Top Banana, we have an ability to understand your needs beyond a basic brief



Established back in 1999 Top Banana is dedicated to the art of helping leaders communicate better.

For us this means creating memorable live events and communications that help leaders get everyone on board with business strategy. It means sharing important messages creatively, so that everyone understands what they have to do differently to achieve the business objectives.

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Our operations are underpinned by a set of company values that influence everything we do, inspiring our way of working and determining our professional output.


Top Banana Venues are no strangers to the way our industry affects our environment, from excessive laundering to food and beverage wastage, we could all do our bit to make a difference. We’re taking lots of  steps, some small, some not so small, to maximise positive impacts and reduce negative ones and we hope our clients, venues and supplier partners will travel this road with us – for everyone’s benefit.