Venues we’ve loved in 2016

St Regis Dubai - one of Polly's favourite places from 2016

We’ve seen some fantastic venues in 2016 so we thought we’d give you a quick round up of some of our personal favourites.

Helen fell in love with the stunning ME in Milan, which oozes Italian sophistication and elegance in a contemporary hotel. Helen said: “I absolutely loved this place. It’s just beautiful. It’s not really an event venue as such because it’s quite small, but it would be great for senior leadership meetings for up to around 50 people. There’s an amazing rooftop bar too which is the icing on the cake as far as I’m concerned!”

ME Milano and Chewton Glen - Some of Helen's top spots from 2016

ME Milano (left) and Chewton Glen – two of Helen’s top spots from 2016

For Helen, Chewton Glen is a perennial favourite that always makes it to her top ten!

Helen again: “What can I say? Understated luxury and exceptional service in sumptuous surroundings. The treehouses are amazing – such an individual feel to them. Really special. We’d recommend this place for small group meetings or something different like a festival type event, set in the beautiful grounds that surround the main hotel.”

Helen’s final choice is at the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of size! “I love Liverpool as a city … so it’s no surprise that my final favourite is here.

ACC Liverpool, Pullman Hotel and Exhibition Centre Liverpool ... more of Helen's favourites from 2016

ACC Liverpool, Pullman Hotel and Exhibition Centre Liverpool … more of Helen’s favourites from 2016

“For big events the combination of ACC Liverpool, Exhibition Centre Liverpool and The Pullman Hotel are an event organiser’s dream. So much space to play with, all with a great contemporary look and excellent value for money.  The Pullman hotel’s urban style comes with great service … pretty much standard in this friendly northern city and another good reason to hold an event here in my opinion.”

For Polly, the highlight of her year was a trip to Vancouver. “I just fell for the whole city really! Everything about it worked for me … great food, amazing scenery and friendly people who wanted to share their love of the city with visitors. Fantastic. Just fantastic!

“I stayed at the Rosewood Hotel, which manages the clever trick of combining all mod cons with a lovely traditional feel. I didn’t want to leave … it’s definitely up there in my top ten favourite places to stay in the world,” added Polly.

Convention Centre, Rosewood Hotel and a bird's eye view of the city of Vancouver

Convention Centre, Rosewood Hotel and a bird’s eye view of the city of Vancouver

On another continent and a totally different vibe, Polly’s next choice is the St Regis Dubai – a brand new property that was (in Polly’s words) ‘out of this world’. “It’s insane,” said Polly. “It could only happen in Dubai! Luxurious, opulent and totally over the top but somehow it works. An incredible venue which would work for all kinds of events for top end brands looking to impress.”

And finally – Hawker House in London is last on Polly’s list. “I love the feel of this place … dirty and grimy in the best possible way! It has a really down to earth honesty about it and so many options for a launch event or evening party. It’s definitely worth thinking about if you’re looking for a more casual style of venue.”

Polly also wanted to sneak in an extra venue much, much closer to home … Birmingham Library gets her vote for being such a unique building with all kinds of different spaces all under one roof.

Hawker House and Birmingham Library

Hawker House and Birmingham Library

So there you have it – our own personal favourites over the last 12 months. We’ve worked at some great venues over the years and last year was no exception so picking these out from the crowd means they must have something special going for them.

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